Indie Road is designed to showcase scrumptious yarns, heavenly threads and exotic weaves that brings the designs of yesterday to our modern palette.

Today’s textures and styles bring the astute artist a taste of what tomorrow will look like.
We are here to inspire, encourage and entice makers and creators in our ever-growing creative fibre world.

All it takes is a POP of inspiration, a burst of enthusiasm and a dream to change the way we see the world…


Well, this magazine has had a journey already! We developed the name Popcorn Magazine however due to unforeseen circumstances had to change. Luckily we did not go to print!

Popcorn is a stitch in knitting, crochet, and weaving. And at one stage there was also yarn made from corn.

Its meaning is ‘hard kernels that swell up and burst open when heated’. While we do not encourage our readers to be either hard kernels or heat up we do encourage them to burst open and swell with pride when they accomplish a blissful handmade item.

We loved the quirkiness Popcorn had, yet INDIE ROAD is more symbolic to the magazine. It is an individual road we are all taking and a path we want to share with everyone.


When we first stepped into the creative fibre arena, we noticed a very large gap in content available in one place.

Yes, we have the Internet but it can often be overwhelming and confusing and one  page leads to another and next minute you have 250 browsers open!

Indie Road is a registered name operating under a sole ABN 16 937 766 775

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