Fancy seeing yourself published? Whether it a pattern or an article – we want to hear from you. Everything is considered!

We would all like to think of ourselves as writers and designers. Indie Road and our editors endeavour to keep all material as supplied, however, we reserve the rights to ‘tidy up’ written content, and do our best to keep ‘your voice’. We have an image to uphold and a style to abide by and we keep this in mind with all submissions.

Our editors will be in touch when going over your patterns, our questions are never meant as an insult or to be taken as one, they are simply questions and concerns as these designs need to be read by the customers. We are here to do the best for the designer, the magazine and the reader. We are ONE village! We ask that your pattern is submitted in for consideration, once approved we ask for the sample to be sent in for the official photo shoot. We ask that you also send a stamped self-addressed envelope/package if you require your sample back, if we do not receive a this, we will keep the item for future promotions, photoshoots etc.

CLICK HERE to read Yarn Councils standards when submitting a pattern.

Please CLICK HERE for tips on submitting a pattern.

Article suggestions, we are more than happy to have brand names mentioned but we do suggest you contact them and advise them of your article. Ultimately we need them to advertise, at the least approve your content. When submitting an article we are aim for 300-500 words per page.

Our fabulous tech editor has created a template CLICK HERE simply download and add your content. This will keep all patterns in the magazine consistent.

And when you submit anything for consideration, please complete THIS CONTRACT and return along with your submission.

PLEASE NOTE. IMAGES must be high res, 300dpi CMYK. This means if you take a smartphone photo the original image must be emailed directly to us not saved to your photos then emailed from there. This loses resolution and will not be satisfactory. If using a smartphone image when you email the original image ensure you choose to send as ‘original size’. This is not a guarantee that this image will be print worthy.

My suggestion is to use a digital camera to capture images to avoid disappointment and not becoming published. Or alternatively, you can send your samples to us to be included in the professional photo shoot, which is advised when discussing submissions.

ADVERTISING – when you place an ad, our preferred file type is JPEG. When designing ads please keep in mind the overall look and feel of the magazine.

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